John Fanning

John J Fanning lives in Chicago and makes film/video projects about gender and sexuality and how they intersect with such phenomena as technology, creativity, and families of origin. He got MIXed up while living in NYC from 2000 - 2002, and SOS is his first MIX presentation. He is studying cinema and media studies and studio art at the University of Chicago, where he's also a projectionist for DOC films and is co-programming the series "Queer Heroes" for their winter series. Quote: "i am a nice, calm, quiet, stable, midwestern boy. really, i am. really!"


SOS "this is my first porny thang. i hope you like it."

100 Realities 1999-present An ongoing project comprising short videos and films that give physical representation and/or placement to ideas, dreams, readings, and writings.

child (in-progress), video, 20 min. A queer experimental filmmaker contemplates his relationships with home and his home movie-making father. A work-in-progress with expected completion in early 2003. 20 minutes. Original formats: Super 8 film; Hi8 video. Exhibition formats: BetaSP.

CHOICES 2002, video, 20 min. An MFA film student, pressed to make the difficult choice between “pure art” and commercial success, examines the issues and plays out the options in her MFA thesis film. A work-in-progress with expected completion in December, 2002. 20 minutes. Original formats: 16mm film and digital video. Exhibition format: BetaSP.

chatter 1998-2001, video, 28 min. A male-to-female transsexual convenes a family-and-friends reunion in an internet chat room, with all the mayhem, mysteries, and mixed identities that such a venue and situation enable. 28 minutes. Original formats: 16mm film and digital video.

SHADY SHORES: The Movie! 1998-1999, video, 45 min. A documentary about a Midwestern family’s 35th annual summer vacation together, told from the perspective of the grandchildren, who conduct interviews with their parents, grandparents, and members of the six other families who have been vacationing together since the late 1950s.

reeling 2000, VHS video, 10 min. A video diary about the power of filmmaking to include, and exclude. 10 minutes. Original and exhibition formats: VHS.

Rubbers at Rydell 1999, 4 min. A silly music video about teenage sex, based on the movie Grease. Original format: 35mm film. Exhibition format: VHS.

When Harry met Garry… A queer send up of When Harry Met Sally. 3 minutes. Original format: 35mm film. Exhibition format: VHS.