[Name redacted at filmmaker's request]


[Redacted] is a Toronto-based film and video maker whose work ranges from experimental to personal documentary. She freelances as a cinematographer, editor and media educator. Recently she was the featured Super-8 artist at Squeaky Wheel Buffalo Media Resources 3rd Annual Global Super-8 Day.


Rub (collaboration with [Redacted])
(super-8/video, b/w 1.5 min. 2002)

In Translation: My Mother’s Testimony
(video, 13 min. 2002)
Aug 2002, produced for and screened at the 22nd International Conference
on Jewish Genealogy, Toronto, Nov. 2002, Holocaust Education Week, Toronto.

Bee Loves Flower (collaboration with [Redacted])
(super-8 on video, b/w, 3 min 2000)
February, 2002.Featured Artist, 3rd Annual Global Super-8 Day, Squeaky Wheel Media Resources, Buffalo NY February 14th, 2000. Love and Sex Show, Squeaky Wheel,, Buffalo NY.

Just Another Day in Buffalo (collaboration with [Redacted])
(super8/video b&w 5 min. 1999)
Screenings: Feb 2002, 3rd Annual Global Super-8 Day, Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo, NY.

Starbucks on Elmwood (collaboration with [Redacted])
(super 8/video, b/w, 3 min. 1998)
Screenings: Feb 2002, Global Super-8 Day, Squeaky Wheel, June, 2000. Rust Belt Screening, Squeaky Wheel Media Resources, Buffalo, NY. April 1998, Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources “About Buffalo Video Festival”, awarded 2nd Prize,

(16mm/video, col/b&w, 4.5 min 1998)

Scenes From The Garden
(16 mm and video, 27 min. 1997)
Thesis Screening: April 1997, SUNY-Buffalo.

Glimpses of My Mother in the Ga
(16mm/optical 2:30 min. 1995)
Screenings: 1995-1996 “Kaleidoscope,” TV Series, TV5 Quebec TV5 Latin America/Caribbean and TV5 Europe/Africa, Nov. 1995, touring retrospective of Canadian experimental film (Italy), Nov. 1995 Art in General (NYC) Nov. 1995, London Filmmakers Co-op (London, England) Oct. 1995 Cinematheque Ontario, CFMDC Retrospective (Toronto) 1995, TV broadcast on The Women’s Television Network (Canada).

Flamenco By Night
(16mm/S-8 on video col. 8 min. 1991).
Screenings: Feb 2002, 3rd Annual Global Super-8 Day, Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo, NY Oct. 1993, SUNY-Buffalo, June 1991,
Cilect International Film Festival (Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia).

(16mm/optical, b/w, 2:30 min.1990)
Screenings: Sept. 2000, group show of experimental work, Robert Beck Cinema (New York City) March 1995, TV broadcast on The Women’s Television Network (Canada), Dec. 1993, One Minute World Film Festival (Sao Paolo, Brazil) March 1991, Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, Michigan). April 1990, Images Festival of Independent Film and Video, Toronto.