Hans Process



This bastard son of Karlhienz Stockhausen and Nina Hagen arrived on the lower east side in 2001 at the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema presenting a short film by Scott Berry for which his sonic musings operated as soundtrack. After disappearing for a brief spell theoretically to receive a visa renewal in Germany and for a brief holiday in Amsterdam, Hans returned to New York to finish production on his first film entitled Velour. Working closely with film maker/curator extraordinaire Stephen Kent Jusick Hans not only finished Velour an eleven and a half minute hand processed super8mm music and film composition but managed to score the short film Silver Liquid by friend and renowned German director Stefan Kunst . Hans is currently missing in the United States and is presumed to have been picked up by the feds for suspected terrorism and visa violations. Hans' anti-authoritarian musicality and complete disregard for copyright laws have made Mr. Process a highly sought after cultural terrorist in many countries around the globe. While the artifice which Hans creates has made him highly sought after by many who appreciate his skill in craft. Hans is rumored to be currently working on a de Sade-ian feature tentatively titled Far From Heaven aka My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Hans can be contacted through his film distribution at fever films or Public Works Records, which signed Hans to an eleven-year twelve-dollar record deal late last fall.