Originally, from Leeds, England, Westmoreland has taken an unusual route to get to Los Angeles, California. Unexcited by the prospect of following in his father’s footsteps to the power stations of Yorkshire, Westmoreland left home at eighteen to hitchhike around Europe and “the searching years” began. Almost immediately, he was brainwashed by an infamous religious cult in Yugoslavia known as The Children of God. After a six-month stint, he outgrew the cult’s narrow teachings and returned to England where he enrolled to study geophysics at Newcastle University. Fossils held little interest and soon he changed course to study Japanese. This led to “the chopsticks years,” living in Japan and traveling through Asia. After graduation, Westmoreland started a DJ collective and fathered a child by sperm donation. He then went to America where he lived in New York working illegally as a bus boy in a pretend English pub. In 1993 he traveled South to New Orleans and rented a room in a shotgun shack with a stripper and a bearded lady. Soon he made a film about the stripper and married the bearded lady.

This film was Squishy. Funded entirely by tips working at a local jazz club, its unique and provocative stance made it an underground hit at many international film festivals. It also marked the point in Westmoreland’s life when he had finally found what he wanted to do. In 1995, Westmoreland moved to Los Angeles with the idea of making The Fluffer, a story of obsession set within the modern day porn industry. Having no experience of that world, he decided to do some research, and got a job directing gay porn. His natural instinct for filmmaking took the porno world by storm. In 1998, his movie Naked Highway swept the Adult Video News awards shows, receiving an unprecedented fifteen trophies.

After five years of work, The Fluffer was released in 2001, breaking New York box office records and getting rave reviews nationwide (see attached). Westmoreland officially declared his Blue Period over. In collaboration with Richard Glatzer, he wrote Lot’s Wife, which they will shoot in 2003. Westmoreland was recently on NPR’s Fresh Air, Terri Gross having taken an interest in his body of work.

Squishy Does Porno!


Dr. Jerkoff and Mr. Hard

Naked Highway

Technical Ecstasy


Devil is a Bottom

Porno Picture of Dorian Gray (aka Gluttony)

The Fluffer