Matt Wolf is a filmmaker and student in New York City. His writing about alternative film and video appears in media arts journals and magazines. His curated programs of experimental work show at New York venues. Matt has advocated alternative production at Paper Tiger Television.


Conversion/TRANSgression (in production 2002-2003) (in collaboration with Tara Mateik) Transgender re-enactment of Vitto Acconci's gendered performance tapes.

Magic Box (in production 2002-2003) What is the opposite of protest footage?

Golden Gums (2002) 13:30, color, video A diagnostic exposition of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder foregrounds a personal story about love, loss and gold spray-painted plaster models of teeth. A project about public confession and private performance.

This Flight (2001) 1:00, color, 16mm-to-video A boy departs.

Dear Auntie (2001) Looping, b/w, 16mm-to-video

Beautiful Bones (1999) 5:00, color, video